About Us

Backyard Birdie Golf is a veteran-owned company founded in 2018 in Gilbert, Arizona. The idea came about after a regular group of weekend warriors gathered in Brett's backyard for a chipping competition that followed an often-contested Saturday round on the links. 

Not satisfied with the quality of the available golf greens on the market, Brett set out on a mission to develop a floatable golf green that would survive the brutal Arizona summer and be fun to play for everyone (even his buddies that got tired of losing). 

Dozens of prototypes were made in Brett's garage (known as "the lab" after some gradual transformation), using a variety of artificial turf blends and industrial-grade materials.  In 2020, the first production floating green was finalized and manufacturing began just in time for our official launch in May 2021. Since then, word has spread quickly and the Backyard Birdie chipping action has made it to pools, lakes and retail stores everywhere! 

Our mission is to celebrate the love for the game of golf with everyone.


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