Product Set Up and Care

Attaching the Backboard:

    1. Unroll the backboard and center the logo between the outer most holes in the back row.
    2. Connect the center two clips first by pressing them firmly onto the green. Start with the lower jaw first for an easier connection.
    3. Finish by connecting the outer two connectors in the same way, making sure you leave a consistent gap between the backboard and edge of the green (should be about 1’’).
      1. Drop your green in the water and position in the water as desired.  Optimal chipping distance is about 15-20ft.

            Attaching the Anchors:

            1. Remove the twist tie and attach the empty C-clip of each anchor to the D-rings on the underside of the green. Repeat for the opposite side.
            2. Move your green into position and hold the black cord lock button to release the anchor weight to the bottom of the pool. *Make sure the anchor is resting completely on the pool floor to ensure a proper hold*.  Repeat for both anchors.
            3. That’s it. Now get the party started. 

            Product Care:

            To ensure you get the most out of your Backyard Birdie Green, we recommend the following:

            1. Avoid leaving your green in the pool for extended periods of time as calcium and chlorine deposits can form on the edges. If you notice deposits beginning to form, we recommend using a 50:50 water and vinegar solution followed by rinsing with fresh water to remove.
            2. Always store your green in a flat, grass side up position to avoid deformation of the foam layer. Storing the green in a folded position may cause the shape to become distorted over time.
            3. Avoid leaving the foam side exposed to the sun for long periods of time as this will promote deterioration of the foam by the sun’s radiation.
            4. If you use a robotic or suction-type pool cleaner, never leave the floating green anchors extended to the pool floor while cleaning your pool as anchor cords will get tangled in the cleaner’s mechanisms.  Backyard Birdie assumes no liability for damage done to your pool equipment.

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